stephen602 Wrote:
Nov 13, 2012 9:30 AM
Four years were wasted trying to mitigate the damage these economic illiterates kept attempting to perpetrate (Obamacare, taxing , regulating, etc). Then we lost the election anyway. The question is, should we continue to use band-aids to stop the bleeding or heal it correctly? I am willing to take a big hit and go over the financial cliff ( I have stock market investments). Maybe the general public will know how stupid and incompetent these guys really are. If 8% unemployment didn't phase us, maybe 10-12 % will . Double gas prices $4 to $8. I would rather pull the band-aid off quickly, and get it over with then to tear it off slowly, and endure the slow pain of economic tyranny. Four more years of this !! Yikes!!! God save us !