shelfos Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 11:09 PM
SUMMERS: You've been biased against Romney since day 1. I know because I remember some of your idiotic rants from back in the spring. You, and many others like you never really gave him a fair shot and that's why he lost. Let's face it. The Dem party once they have their candidate all coalesce. Not Repubs/Conservatives. NO, they just whined and cried and continue to do so because their candidate didn't win. Boo hoo. Do you think if your candidate couldn't beat Romney he/she'd have had a rat's chance in you-know-where against Obama?. If you had all coalesced earlier on and supported him FULLY we WOULD NOT BE IN THE FRIGGIN' mess you keep whining about. It is you and all the other dumb-heads that won't get a clue. Thanks.