Ruth228 Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 10:45 PM
LOL..LOL...LOL - Hoover, TX is several hundred miles across many miles from top to bottom. If the sea rises that high you can kiss CA, OR, WA, FL, LA, NY, NC, SC,...etc. bye bye as well. With that said, "climate change" is a science that other, intelligent counties, like Australia are now starting to 2nd guess based on many of the projections of the 1990's, not coming true. This is one reason they switched from global warming to climate change in the description of the problem at hand. As a Texan who has lived, in TX, CA, AZ and CO, I will take TX anyday. We will likely never seceed, however, if we do, at least we have a coastline, oil, fertil land, water sources and great people. It could be worse.