denir Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 9:54 PM
Add the despicable anti-American-Communist-Marxist-Socialist-Wall-Street-collusion, Comrade-Schumer to that list, First of all who asked them, they're all fake Conservative RINO-Neo-Cons-Leftists-Liberals-Lobbyists ! McGrahamnesty, a Senator who's despised in his own state for this kind of talk, Senator Schumer are the only 2 of them that have a say on it. Pandering to criminal-invaders is not going to help the Republican Party ! No need to deport them, just enforce the laws already on the books and the criminal invader freeloaders will self deport ! Their countries should be paying us for taking in so many of their citizens each year legally and especially for the 20-million illegal-alien-freeloaders residing in the USA illegally !