Ronna Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 6:40 PM
So this racist B-b@ttch doesn't see the relevance of the sanctity of life, but instead spews that white people want to build up their race???!! UnF-ingbelievable. And does she think of the millions of ilegitimate black babies born each year & turn into entitlement drones, and the hoardes of illegal mexican babies born "compliments of the American taxpayer" being born her every year to young chld bearing aged women aren't trying to build up their race? The ignorant scum..this is the ilke that put ObamUNISM back into the white house for 4 more years. Disgusting worthless drones like this should be exiled to Siberia with only a hand-knit sweater to keep out the chill. I wouldn't pizz on them if they were on fire.