Anonymous9982 Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 6:31 PM
And what if it IS God that takes them away? What will you do then, rant and rave against God, our Lord Jesus? The Lord allows these things to happen to us to TRANSFORM us into HIS image. Haven't you read in the Word where HE tells us we are not our own, HE created us and OWNS us. Who are you to complain? Do you worship HIM amy day and give HIM all the glory, or go about your business thinking you're safe. No one is safe. Obummer is a vessel of dishonor being used of our Lord and God. Do you prefer to be a vessel of honor or disnonor? Your choice. I m not writing this debate with you. I'm the Lord's mouth to give you "life" to consider, specifically what HE wants from your life and how you wish to live in eternity. Again, your choice.