lneedhelp Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 2:59 PM
Nationally, since they get that nice popular vote pad from California voters...the Dems can say they won handily. But, in several states, sure, it is clear they may have cheated enough to win key states. But, the RNC w/ several hundred millions in budget, lots of bundlers, cannot now in 2012 muster up enough spine to truly attack the Democratic Party tactics. Did 2000 prez race show you nothing, Washington governor race recount, Minnesota Franken win by cheating, Florida every time, Sanchez v. Dornan, come on GOP, get a spine, get some legal firepower. Romney did wait to concede, the media was ready hours before he was. He could have waited a little longer. Yes. Mitt's a good man. The storm, Akin-Murdock, & cheating did him in.