Keep the change Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 9:54 AM
D G Wrote: 7 minutes ago (9:39 AM) I don't agree at all. Boehner is a good leader. Republicans did not vote for ObamaCare. He IZZZZZ weak. Denny Hastert weak. You support him, expect what you have seen so far. In a word, it's called capitulation. A career pol interested in cutting deals with the left is NOT a leader. He, with that idiot Reince Priebus, managed to aid in shutting out Palin and Newt at the convention. He worked against Col. West and Bachmann's reelection. They got no money and no support from the RNC or Boehner. He is like a leftist stifling dissent. He blows. I want a divorce.