hidefullofHoney Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 9:20 AM
disgusting ~CORRUPT Obama administration HAS attempted COVER-UP 4 Obama& the WH who DEMANDED every attempt of RESCUE 2 'STAND DOWN' -Bet the US MILITARY is angry at the administration 4 FORCING CAREER MILITARY GENERALS 2 take the FALL for OBAMA'S INCOMPETENCE- Obama wants 2 'start a revolution' if he continues 2 allow career OFFICIALS,who have SACRIFICED their TIME&ENERGY in the SERVICE of our NATION.2become scape goats 4 Obama's CRIMINAL enterprise ,he will GET his wish,PATRIOTS will unite 2 throw him OUT of our WHITE HOUSE& INTO GITMO,where he belongs 4 TREASON/ Obama lied &he watched our AMBASSADOR DIED=We DEMAND the TRUTH from our GOVERNMENTAL OFFICIALS.