Martin96 Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 8:50 AM
@ BINDER... Are you stupid? or just suffer from some mental disability. We never said they pay NO taxes, we said they pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX. which they don't! (If you pay in then get every cent back that is NOT PAYING TAXES) and I hate to break it to you but Hitler was a LEFTIST. He was the head of the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Socialism is a LEFT WING FAILED IDEOLOGY or are you going to try to convince us it's a right wing disguise? 386,000 PEOPLE LAID OFF SINCE OBAMAS RE ELECTION and counting. Just do me a favor, when it all comes crashing down, don't ask us for food or shelter. Though we will need people to dig slit trenches and empty waste buckets if you want to eat