sendar Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 4:20 AM
We must bring back the same kind of Tea Party rally we had in 2010 mid-term-elections, Starting right now and culminating in a 2014 mid-term-election Conservative Rally ! 1 of the Key-Multiple-Strategies: We need to support a Pro-American-Tea-Party-version-of-OWS, anti-Big-Corps-Oligarchy-Wall-St-Fed-Res-Banks-Corruption ! No more revolving door: Wall Street, "Private-Federal-Reserve" Bank Execs, T-G ending up running the US-Treasury Dept ! T-Geithner was the New York Federal Reserve Banks Chairman before becoming the Obaminations US Treasury Secretary. Look up Obama and Geithner family connections that go way-way back to the Ford Foundations CIA front in Indonesia, also USAID-another-worldwide-charitable-foundation-CIA-front !