sendar Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 4:20 AM
We need to quickly tell the RINO's-Dems that we'll not let them lie the Tea Partyers, Conservatives, Republicans into the, "Old-GB-1-B-Clinton-GB-2, New-Jeb-Bush-RINO-illegal-alien-invasion-amnesty-platform," That's not why we lost ! We lost because of the lack of turnout for Romney, Losing the womens vote Big-Time, Losing tons of Republican-Ron-Paul's, Jon-Huntsmans, Libertarian-moderate supporters, whose votes went to Gary-Johnson in the key swing states ! The high minority component sealed the deal for Obama, but it was close in most of those states, so there you go. We could've easily won the Pres election, regained the US-Senate, if we hadn't dissed R-P, GJ, their-supporters, Akin, Mourdock weren't so unbelievably incompetent !