sendar Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 4:19 AM
"Every" Tea Partyer, Conservative, Republican, Independent who was against Obama should remain so, Now's the time to continue the same campaign against BHO-lefttists-liberals-Democrats-RINO's, no let-ups ! However, lets all work on getting rid of the factors, elements that cost us most of our 2012 election goals ! Don't fall for all of the BS that the lefttists-liberals-Democrats-RINO's are trying to trap us into, confuse us, so that we'll lose our very-real-in-force attachmernt-connections, to the Cons, Tea Party, Rep, Ind, 2010 mid-term election victory ! Nothing has changed, Euro-Anglos are still 72% of the US population, alot of US-Spanics will turn on the Dem Party as they do better-$$ ! We can easily win back the women voters !