sendar Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 4:16 AM
"full diplomatc immunty" upon INTERPOL, it’s proprty, files, recrds are exempt-immune from; being subjct to search, seizure by law enforcmnt, aren't subject to legal subpoena nor discovery, are immune from FOIA requests, US taxes. They'll now be able to maintain files on US citizens, hold Americans arrestd on US soil by INTERPOL-officrs ! If any branch of Govt wants to keep docs out of the hands of the US-court systm, just hand them over to INTERPOL, until the smoke-clears. Does INTERPOL have a file on Obama and his associations ? EO-12425 INTERPOL an Intl-law-enforcmnt-body now operates on Amer-soil beynd the FBI, Is the Intl Criminal Court next ? This immnty, protectn, elevatd above the USC