sendar Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 2:53 AM
Wake up, RINO's, "Sean-Hannity," Haley Barbour, Bill Kristol, McGrahamnesty, Are getting together to sell you, your country out to the illegal-alien-invaders with comprehensive immigration reform talks ! Wake up ! 2 months ago in an interview that's what Hannity's boss Murdocch said he wants ! Stop these POS RINO's from selling out our country to the Comunists-Marxists ! They don't care if the Dems are in power because RINO's are free to do what they want, stay super wealthy with either Party in power ! RINO's want the anti-American Obama in power because he can sign amnesty without losing political points, so they can count on him to pass it, to dilute the US-Euro-Anglo-masses with illiterate 3rd worlders from Communist-countries !