sendar Wrote:
Nov 12, 2012 1:47 AM
Hannity was talking tough only for the last 6 months after he said the gloves were off on exposing Obama, As soon as the election was over with he's right on board with the Traitors mentioned ! Two of the worst are NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Wall-Street-Financial-Economic talk-show-host Larry Kudloiw, LK was ranting and raving over "Give-them-Amnesty" in his radio show this weekend, He went-on-on about it and he had a few clapping seal pro-amnesty pundit guests on with him and wouldn't let the anti-amnesty callers even talk ! You've got to get a loud opposition going to calmly but surely without compromise confront Hannity on this, without letting him get away with it by not getting into a confused impasse about it. It must be an ongoing