Jerry6614 Wrote:
Nov 11, 2012 3:44 PM
Milt: If you think your vote will ever count in this state again you have a screw loose. The 60's radicals are in charge now and the worst is yet to come. The takers will always vote for freebies. They are in charge. Let the rich(er) pay for everything. The only choice we have now is with our feet and our pocketbook. Leave the state or find a way to avoid paying the new taxes which will come sure as the sunrise. Prop 13 will be history with the Dimmocrats in charge of both houses with 2/3rd's majorities. Its sad to see coming but maybe only a drastic realization of a bankrupt state will convince some of the idiots who voted for Obama and Moonbeam that it can and will get worse. I am tired of paying more than my share of government expenses