Libtardharvestor Wrote:
Nov 11, 2012 3:11 PM
We have alienated no one. The fact that there is a growing base of middle and upper class Black and Latino voters, public pundits, and noteworthy public figures is proof. The left has demonised conservatism as the "exclusionary" form of gov't. and conservatives as bigots, rascists, war mongers, and bloodthirsty. They have revised history in the most commonly used school texts. When asking for "bipartisan" support the true meaning is "do it our way or face the editorial heat!" They are gifted liars and in love with doing so! The younger voters have been dumbed down to the point of having no desire to research anything on there own or, if by chance one DOES attempt to seek truth, doesn't know where, or how to do so or what to look for.