EZ_patriot Wrote:
Nov 11, 2012 2:08 PM
Exactly! The New Times is a leftist rag, one of those types that the y have to give away for free in St. Louis (The Riverfront Crimes, er, Slimes, er, Times) because nobody would actually pay for that shite. And dstone, unless you were there to see the blood test performed, you don't know jackshit either. You say it was reported to be 0.29, so of course that's true because the news media would NEVER lie, right? No, of course not, maybe just use knowingly false information to try to smear someone (Dan Rather, resigned in disgrace for what again?). Or maybe just withhold information to protest "their" guy (CBS News, again! Wihtholding information from BHO interview w/Steve Kroft re Benghazi).