christiancon Wrote:
Nov 11, 2012 1:11 PM
Thans Amy-served in th USN/son is in the army three tours Iraq- military family all around. To all my fellow vets God Bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. This POS president will be gone in 4 years- I consider him anathema and when he shows up at military events I fell similarly to the way I felt when BJ Clinton was in office except exponentially above that. A cowardly man in the WH (Oh I forgot he was in the warm office giving the order on Bin Laden- wow thats similar to a seal or ranger isnt it? I forgot what a big man he is ). I have no feelings of warmth or respect for the trolls on here and I am sure its vice versa- but my bottom line is being hated by these enemies (and they are enemies) is a badge of honor.