fromohio Wrote:
Nov 11, 2012 9:41 AM
IMHO, the author makes sense but he is naive in the same time. Obamacare is not about healthcare, is the "Operational and Maintenance Manual" for the final power grab by the far-left that became possible after nearly five decades of the un-Americanization of the educational system. The same power grab performed the SU from Moscow after WWII. The Soviets' task was easier, Europe never was a freedom enjoying continent. The takeover of the US is much slower, there is much more to be destroyed. Why was the implementation of the Law postponed for 2014? That should've been the alarm going off. He wasn't joking when he campaigned for a "well deserved" second term. He and his props knew they had to finish the "transformation" he promised in 2008.