renny4 Wrote:
Nov 11, 2012 7:17 AM
The right must have enough millionaires and billionaires, the people the left hates unless they are one, to make a consortium to buy up the NYTimes Mexican debt, that runs 14-15%, a good buy, and call that debt to 1) bankrupt the paper or 2) force its return to a cons. paper which is was until the Vietnam War. Every morning the alphabets (ABC, CBS, et. a.) get a TIMES and repeat it 24/7, so that when the Times says, obama won because his admin. had no scandals (competely ignoring Fast&Furious [Murdergate I] and Libya [Murdergate II]), then ALL the media in the US falls in line and parrots the same garbage. If we want to change the left's culture, we have to get ahold of the MSM and getting the NYTimes would be a major way to do it.