Tinsldr2 Wrote:
Nov 11, 2012 7:11 AM
I wake up on my way fishing and see the same fraudulent article is still the headline? Here is a link to the vote totals...... http://www.slcelections.com/Pdf%20Docs/2012%20General/GEMS%20ELECTION%20SUMMARY%20REPORT.pdf Notice even the Townhall article says "vote cards cast" This is because each person had the option to cast to vote cards, the second one dealing with ballot questions. The actual votes are slightly higher then this article shows and there were about 400 that wrote in candidates and about 5000 people that voted in the election left it blank. Total votes was about 124,606 which is about 71% of eligible voters and doubling that for two cards (2nd was ballot questions) is what gives the high number of vote cards.