NoPontification Wrote:
Nov 10, 2012 9:28 PM
Is this Steve Chapman for Real ? I mean Really ? 1.) 16 Trillion in debt 2.) Failed 700+ billion dollar stimulus plan. 3.) Benghazi. 4.) Many hidden taxes in Obama-care 5.) Fast and Furious. 6.) Justice dept. blocking and suing states for trying to secure their borders and states. 7.) Military budget Sequestration. 8.) Extreme regulations on the coal and oil industry. 9.) Blockage of Keystone pipeline. 10.) Bailed out GM so bond holders get the shaft, Delphi went bankrupt, UAW gets about 10% of GM, 7 out 10 automobiles built outside of US, will be created outside the US !!! SEE THIS VIDEO----> CHAPMAN YOU FRICKEN PIECE OF &***#$$ !!!!!!! TOWN HALL GET THIS P.O.S. ARTICLE OFF OF HERE PLEASE !!! .