Jeff2422 Wrote:
Nov 10, 2012 6:30 PM
There were 3 salient facts of the election. The major reason Obama held office is that 53% of voters still blame Bush for the economy. The second is that 3 million less self-identified Repubs voted for Romney than McCain. Third, the voters this time split 25% lib, 35% conserv, and %40 mushy. Normally, it is a 20% lib and %40 conserv split. The Dems have been outwitting the Repubs for years. They have no scruples, they will get a bum off a park bench and get him to the polls with a card in hand. They go through the old folks homes and get people with dimentia to fill-out ballots. They maintain the campaign offices in the swing states. Repubs better wise-up or they will become a footnote in history.