AmericanObserver Wrote:
Nov 10, 2012 2:02 PM
'Tax & Spend', 'Tax & Spend', 'Tax & Spend.' Haven't you people looked at the election results. The majority of the people don't believe your nonsense and irrational hatred. Do you know why? Well, YOU ARE WRONG. Since, however, being wrong is the hallmark of the right wing, you don't care; I understand that. But, still, you remain wrong. Not only is 'tax & spend' meaningless and a mere right wing propaganda phrase, but it has no bearing to economic theory. The issue, instead, is supply vs. demand. When we are in a situation like now, the classic - and right - response is to stimulate the economy. OK? Forget your empty slogans, and pick up some economic texts. The majority of REAL Americans are tired of your whining.