Stuart95 Wrote:
Nov 10, 2012 11:22 AM
Since Reagan, Repubs have run Bush 1, Bush 1, Dole, Bush 2, Bush 2, McCain, and Romney. Bush 1 won because he was Reagan's VP, but lost in a bid for a second term. Bush 2 won because he wasn't Clinton - but this scenario will never work again because the US has developed a tolerance for really bad presidents. Who's standing in the Repub wings to teach blacks, browns, young people, and women with a high-energy, attractive alternative to Amero-socialism? Boehner? Ryan? Santorum? McConnell? Snore. "we're going to beat whomever they run like a rented mule" is not going to happen without a changing of the guard. We need a revolution within the party first - new people, new platform, new message, new messengers.