John766 Wrote:
Nov 10, 2012 11:05 AM
Chapman.. Quiz....who said "we are going to fundamentally change America"? I would say he has started the process: The world no longer respects or fears America. Individual responsibility is no longer a point of pride vs "i need to get something from the government" is the mantra. Financial responsibility is no longer required by the gov't. or the individual. Moral/ethical responsibility is no longer required. WE HAVE BEEN DEGRADED FROM BEING A STRONG,PROUD INDEPENDANT NATION THAT BENEFITED THE WORLD, TO BECOMING SUBSERVIANT TO THE THIRD WORLD$$,ATTACKED BY EVIL+DEVIANT TERRORISTS THAT BEAR NO CONSEQUENCES AND CURRENTLY HAVE A COUNTRY THAT WANT TO DESTROY THE WEST ACQUIRING THE BOMB!!! And you have the ignorance to say little has changed?