Wumingren Wrote:
Nov 10, 2012 10:28 AM
Rich says that membership in a new third party would come largely from RINOs. I don't understand that thinking. The RINOs have taken over the GOP, why would they abandon it? Current third parties have members who left the GOP because of the RINOs that own the GOP. I want to leave the GOP for a third party, not to challenge the GOP, but to destroy the RINOs, who would cling to the GOP until they become the irrelevant third party. I am sympathetic to the TEA Party, which I had hoped would have forced the RINOs out of the GOP, but if a real TEA Party were established, I'd join it and leave the RINOs to their own filthy ways. No current RINOs would be allowed to infiltrate the TEA Party. Viva la TEA Party!