Frank98 Wrote:
Nov 10, 2012 9:02 AM
Sheesh. bilLIE is the most celebrated socialist in the Dem aka marxist partyparty. He wanted Paula to chuck it. He fraped Juanita Broaddrick,gave her a buck for ice He was feeling up Kathleen Wiley days after her husband died.Against her will. He was dipping his ceeegar in Mz Munika honey pot and enjoy lighting up as she was smoking his Peyronies stick. Now all of a sudden the Chicago communist admn is worried about a General getting a li'l pootang.When he was checked out for the position they knew about the "affair". The Affair is like the Movie that caused Benghazi. You do know it was the movie? Doncha? You do know Soetoro never saw it happen live? Doncha?The Gen better not go near Fort Marcy's Or take a Ron Brown flight