Chris 3694 Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 11:13 PM
He said he's going to raise taxes on upper income people. He is. He's not being sneaky about it. He said he was going to reform health care. He did. He said he was going to get us out of Iraq. He did. He got elected because he does what he says he will, not because he has a secret agenda. You guys are too used to your candidates winking to you, thinking that they aren't going to do what they say. I read articles by conservatives saying that about Romney (He won't really repeal Obamacare, Frum wrote."He says that for the base."). But Obama doesn't need to fool anyone. He's the President. An International arms treaty and the 2nd Amendment are two different things. Be freaked if you want, but you're being silly to stress over this.