Roy323 Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 8:12 PM
Ms. Hollis-A very timely AND cogent Column! I am particularly in accord with your Dire outlook(s) in Numbers Ten and Eleven; I am, and have been CERTAIN your concept of the worsening of "Polarization" is 100% CORRECT! And I find the rift to be more pronounced in regards to Moral/Personal Responsibility Issues than as regards Political/Religious modes. I realize that as "an Old White Geezer," I am "out of touch" with my young associates; But know this! I proudly spent more than a quarter Century in Military service(s) mostly doing the best I could to "Manage" Young American Males of all COLORS/Ethnicities in 50-60-70s! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience; BUT NO MORE--I see a NEW, disturbing mindset out there! IF THE SHOE FITS, etc