bob sledd Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 6:30 PM
I do. I also remember Reagan. and the guy who had the sex with a young intern, What's your point about the past? Personally, I could care less what you think or what you want. Enjoy the world you have voted for. The Country is terribly deep in DEBT. The Country has made promises it can never possibly honor, for Social security and Medicare. . This means Taxes will go UP, and earnings will go DOWN. Employers will not hire so as to avoid Obamacare.For me, I am not playing. My goal is to maximize my earnings, minimize my expenses and avoid,as best I can, paying taxes because I aim to avoid working my tail off so it can be "redistributed". I am NOT on your team, and you are NOT on Mine. And I am fine with that. Enjoy the cake you baked