Erwin44 Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 2:13 PM
Look, I own a business, here's my take. Health Insurance -- we cover all employees through a blue chip HMO. Costs up since Obamacare by almost 30%. There is no wiggle here, they send us letters advising that the cost of the policy is going up. Period. A big part of our business involves shipping. Fuel surcharges and overall shipping costs are the highest, by far, ever. Many invoices are hit by 10% of their face value in shipping alone. The result? Simple, we've been in a very conservative mode for some years now. Sell as much from existing inventory as possible instead of bringing out new product. Keep as little inventory as possible. Raise prices. Minimize new hires. Minimize spending. Fewer business lunches and dinners. Halt updating