Mike596 Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 11:49 AM
How's this for something that ought to churn the stomach of every Republican: in 2012, turnout was down approx. 10.6M compared with 2008. Much hay has been made of the fact that Romney received almost 2M less votes than McCain received in 2008, and people incorrectly assume that the base was less enthusiastic. Not so if you look at the individual state data. In fact, 4.9M of the decreased turnout was attributable to CA & WA, 2 states that no one would ever consider "in play". Here's the rub: Obama won WA by approx. 271K votes; Romney got 312K votes less than McCain in 2008. If every Republican that voted for McCain would have come back for Romney, WA's 11 electoral votes could've gone red.