Petya Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 11:36 AM
hahahahahahaha! How would a german tank, with 45mm gun, take out russian tank with the thick slope armour? In your wildest dreams! It was german tank crews, starting with 1943 and on that got no training. All russian commander tanks had radios. True, not all tanks had radios. That was remedied. It's much easier to install a radio into a good tank, with big gun, thick slope armour, wide tracks, and powerful diesel (T34, KV1, IS, etc.), then it is to improve a crappy german tank that has radio. It still had insufficient gun, armour, crappy tracks, and undepowered flammable gasoline engine. German Panther was only introduced in mid 1943 - they tried to copy T-34, but couldn't. So they built tank with similar gun, armour, and engine