grich903 Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 10:30 AM
The only thing those television shows do is 1) make people who were polled think that 30% of all American's are homosexual (actual figure is 3%); 2) lead people to accept the false premise that homosexuality is normal (if it were, why would Hollywierd have to push it so hard to get people to accept it); 3. It will turn the American public more against Hollywierd. Are their movies selling now? Not so much, yet movies like Fireproof and Courageious are selling and getting awards. Of course Glee is going to have a homosexual biase: one of the actors, the blonde woman, is homosexual. No, America will turn off their TVs and vet movies form now on, unlive the media with O'Bama, and the divisions that had started to go away will be rebuilt.