nmorrison Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 9:11 AM
John: I have followed you for quite sometime, and have mostly agreed with your comments.As usual, today's oped piece was right on, until you said the Ron Paul, was the answer. GAG!!! In my humble opinion, what is needed in the RNC is new blood. I know a lot of blood was spilled this past Tuesday, but get rid of all of the good old boys, and put up someone, who has some fresh ideas, and do not listen to the likes of a Carl Rove. I do hope since he blew it so bad, this time around, I hope he is run out of town. He likes to think of himself of a king maker, but if fact is just some over rated has been! In order to get his backing, you have to kiss his ring?? .Lets have no more of the religious right, dictate who out candidate will be!