jimmylynn Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 7:30 AM
Panda Wrote: (5:21 AM) “Jimmy, Boehner isn't the issue. Either he compromises and loses his already divided base, or he stands firm and gets killed by the press and the 2014 electorate....The answer, Jimmy, IS US. WE must act quickly to unite and change the electorate.” I normally agree with you Panda, but see it different on this one. Boehner has a difficult position, but it's one that he has helped to make by capitulating to Democrats. He talks cuts while giving Democrats everything they want, but allows them to renign on the cuts. Then he goes back and does it all over again. Harry Reid is ready to push his “Rush Politics” again to get what he wants. Liberals love a “crisis” to allow for more massive spending.