AkFred Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 3:14 AM
Well you got part right, we are stuck with obama and a not so bright future. 15 trillion in debt has come and gone, it is over 16 trillion. It is a shame because the kids put him in office and kept him there because he is cool and hangs out. Fine, but now spring break is over, time for work and work they will, but not for a brighter future. Romney was always the lefts choice, he was always the easy one to beat. The GOP is full of fools that will always pick the best loser, the old white guy is the only thing they seem to know now. Herman Cain was the best choice for the repub party but the left knew he could win, so he had to go early. As long as the left picks the choice for the GOP it will be an uphill battle.