U.S. Vet Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 2:19 AM
This Election only proved how Stupid half of America is,Obama is a Lame Duck President,He only won by 2.4 Percent with his usual supporters being Minorities who voted on Color (Why) 70% of Minorities are on Welfare/Food Stamps or Public Assistance,Mexicans/Illegals because Obama is defying the American People by giving Amnesty away,Liberals because there lost in the Empty expanse of there own Brains & Egos & Hypocrisy thinking that Social Programs,Maybe 2 percent more tax will render new Jobs,Education,Fix a Broken Economy,Fix the Middle Class,Protect America because gutting the Military will keep us safe,Funny thing is most of America who voted for that Jackas* were 40 & under and apart of the Dumbest 4 decades in America's History,