John3843 Wrote:
Nov 09, 2012 12:34 AM
Sad to say, but this election cycle proved that the voters that matter now did not build anything in America, no businesses. They are the Takers. They outnumber us now. They are not the Americans of even 20 years ago. After the destruction of the educational system and turning it into Comsomol HQ, this is the predictable result. I hope John Bohner's recent comments(only hours ago) aren't really what he intends. Although instead of out there campaigning for Romney/Ryan and exposing how the Dogeater has treated those who did not vote for him, he was AWOL until the last day. Revenge is sweet, sayeth the Dogeater. After the truth, the Bill Of Rights will be the next casualty of his War On Us. Just wait for it.