william6346 Wrote:
Nov 08, 2012 5:34 PM
Geez you just don't get it. You think calling in the supposed "experts" who polarized your party from the mainstream since the mid-90's is the way to go? YOUR phone didn't ring? Bill O'Reilly's phone didn't ring? You and Bill and Rush and Ann and Karl "uh-uh, we're winning I tell ya" Rove ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!! YOU guys are the faces and sounds of the party on a daily basis - and all you do is lament the passing of the Regan years and snark and snip and hurl and hate on those "the rest of us" elected to lead us. Did it ever dawn on you that you won the mid-terms because on a local level your policies make sense - but on a national level when you rely on your spiteful party MEDIA mouths- you lose? Hint: They make us not like you.