Zenith Nadir Wrote:
Nov 08, 2012 4:54 PM
If you are charged LESS when you buy your CONDOMS, you can buy MORE of them....correct? So if the gov't were to tax you 10% on your condoms (I pray to God you use condoms), would you be more or less likely to use them? What if the tax were 30%? 40%? 53%? What if the tax was 200%? As the tax increases are you more or less likely to use them? If you become less likely to use them, what happens to the business that supplies them? They are selling less condoms, so they can either increase the cost of the product, or decrease business costs by laying off people, or offer a substandard product that costs less to make. If you aren't buying, and the laid off employees aren't earning an income, and the business is closing.....wheres the revenue?