Alex128 Wrote:
Nov 08, 2012 1:45 PM
Ann, George Bush the 1st was voted out of office after his first term - same as that half wit Jimmy Carter. Speaking of half wits, Akin & Mourdock have a right to their opinion - I really wish they would have kept it to them selves. I my self do not believe in abortion under ANY circumstances, I am however pragmatic about this. You are right - no law will ever force a woman to carry a child conceived via rape or incest. We should be focusing on getting partial birth abortion outlawed. Demanding parental permission, a 3 day cooling off period. I hope A&M haven't screwed up this agenda for us. I'm also sorry the Gov. of N.J. found it necessary to kiss Obama's butt. It did not do any good for the GOP. and it's not going to help N.J.