John C6 Wrote:
Nov 08, 2012 12:29 PM
Trouble with that post: The Democratic ' position ' isn't what they're actually doing. The Democrats in the Senate haven't passed a budget for over 1200 days. Pres. Obama couldn't care less. ' Revenue enhancements ', i.e., HIGHER TAXES FOR EVERYBODY, rich & poor & working people, won't go for a ' balanced budget ', as there is NO BUDGET TO BALANCE. " Structural cuts " means cuts to Defense. Period. Nothing else. Defense. Law enforcement and retiree's will take custs as the Progressive Socialists making policy for the DNC couldn't care less about safety for working people, national security or working people who are too old to work, i.e., retiree's. All money will go to a ' nanny state ' telling us how to live.