Missourimule2 Wrote:
Nov 08, 2012 11:41 AM
I've read 2 analyses today that both said that there was a big drop-off in (1) white voters, and in (2) rural white voters . . . . . in other words, the people that should have been there to counter Obama's obvious solid base in the black community. Why? The one reason I saw was that the Obama strategy of demonizing Mitt Romney . . . . of making him into that 'super rich' person who got that way by closing factories and firing people, and who couldn't possibly care about "you" . . . . worked. So instead, we're left with 4 more years of an arrogant, self-absorbed, statist who will continue to steal more of our personal and individual rights from us . . . . . learn to think for yourselves, voters.