bsmith658 Wrote:
Nov 08, 2012 11:15 AM
Letter from Santa, To all my little children who still believe me, I mean, in me... even after all the nasty things your parents tried to tell you all year. Nasty things.... like.. "He's not REALLY real" or... "Somebody has to pay for those presents", ...oh, and my favorite "You are 40 years old, for God's sake. Quit living in a fantasy world" Ho! Ho! Ho!! Talk about silly party-poopers! Well, because of you, we can keep Santa and Mrs Claus really real for at least... another whole four more years. And Santa's little helpers know how long fours is to a child, don't you? Tha-a-t's right...150 YEARS. Can you count that far? Ho! Ho! Ho! So it looks like good old Santa will be able to deliver - for 150 years - all those free toys and other goo