HenryAgincourt Wrote:
Nov 08, 2012 10:34 AM
REAL LESSONS FROM THE ELECTION #1---The FOX NEWS WHITE MASS-PSYCHOSIS can no longer win national elections! And more and more states elections are becoming problematic. #2---For the first time, we have AN EXAMPLE OF TRICKLE-DOWN ECONOMICS WORKING! The wealthiest one-percent of Americans, who hold 50% of the nation’s wealth, spent almost $1 billion of personal money on TV ads to defeat President Obama. This money, normally squirreled away in Swiss bank accounts, the Cayman Islands etc, was spent in the good-old USA stimulating our economy. Shocking! Their ROI was zero.. #3---The Citizens United decision, where the Supreme Court declared, “ALL THE FREE SPEECH MONEY CAN BUY,” led to Republicans picking their worst candidate!