Phil Byler Wrote:
Nov 08, 2012 8:24 AM
In 2008, I said don't blame McCain; we were dealing in 2008 with a number of factors that made for a perfect political storm favorable for the Democrats: (1) a finanical crisis creating economic uncertainties that historically have aided the Democrats and certainly did in 2008; (2) a GW Bush Administration bank bailout that muddied the waters in terms of the economic differences betwen the parties; (3) an absurd amount of mainstream media bias that had a slobering love affair with Obama; (4) a weariness with war and GW Bush; (5) a 7 to 1 Obama money advantage; and (6) unfavorable demographics. Coulter blamed McCain anyway. So now her man Romney lost in 2012, and she says don't blame Romney. Ann, you can't say that.